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Why Should I Be Using MSP Marketing Automation?

We’ve been talking about “evolved MSP marketing” quite a bit recently, and I wanted to expand a bit more on one aspect of that concept:

Marketing automation.

You’ve heard me say over and over again that tools don’t make the trade. Effective marketing is not about having flashy tools, it’s about have the right tools and then using them very, very well.

That being said, marketers still need the right platforms and applications to get the job done. We have CRMs, email automation, social media automation, scrapers, reporting tools, and the list goes on.

The reason we use all of these tools is simple: A proper digital marketing strategy involves a lot of moving parts — the marketing machine should always be in motion. It’s simply impossible to do all of the work manually.

Marketing automation takes the work out of things like:

  • Sending emails consistently and tracking their engagement.
  • Setting up sales calls with hot prospects.
  • Scoring leads to determine where they are in the sales cycle.
  • Keeping your social media accounts active.
  • Moving prospects through a lead generation funnel organically.
  • Generating reports that let you assess ROI on your marketing efforts.

If you’re not using automation, building conversion-focused workflows, and tracking your campaigns diligently, you’re not leveraging the potential of digital marketing to its fullest.

Integrating Your Marketing

Even with automation, there remains a challenge. Most people, including professionals, are still using a handful of different tools to accomplish all of these tasks.


What they end up with is not a fully-integrated marketing machine, but a bunch of different little machines that are all running independently. Social media isn’t linked with email. Landing pages aren’t associated with blog posts. Emails aren’t leading into lead gen funnels that create maximum remarketing opportunity. (And so on.)

We can always work around these broken links manually. You can use tokens and APIs with many different tools in an attempt to cobble together something cohesive. Still, you end up with a handful of different login screens and accounts, limited information and functionality, and other issues that ultimate waste time and hurt your marketing.

This is why YSE has gone all-in on SharpSpring, a marketing platform that allows us to manage everything related to digital marketing in one place. Not only does our team have access to tons of useful features, but our clients can enter their portal at any time and see just how our work is paying off for their MSP.

SharpSpring actually replaces every piece of the puzzle represented in the image above: CRM, email automation, social media platforms, reporting/tracking, website tracking, form builders, and more.

Not only is this a HUGE boon for efficiency, but it eliminates a lot of apps that our clients were paying considerable amounts of money for!

MSP Marketing with SharpSpring

We’ve actually been working with SharpSpring for a while now, but after meeting with the company’s CEO, Rick Carlson, a few weeks ago it became apparent that our thoughts on marketing are so aligned, we’d be foolish not to incorporate the product 100% into our service.

All of our fully-managed (MSP Marketing-as-a-service) clients are now being transitioned over to SharpSpring. (Thanks to our agency license, each of them will be saving upwards of $2000 a month just by switching from HubSpot. Cool, right?)

Since YSE has a strict limit on fully-managed marketing clients to keep our service level high, we’ll also be spinning up a couple of other services to help as many MSPs as we can switch to this fantastic marketing platform.

Managed SharpSpring Launch

With this option, the YSE team will handle your onboarding and migration from any other platforms you may be using. We will also set up your marketing workflows with custom-created emails, landing pages, and other content to get your new marketing machine started off right.

Consider this a one-off version of our fully-managed service. All of the content will be custom-made by our team of MSP marketing professionals — we just won’t be managing the platform and adding content on an ongoing basis.

Discount SharpSpring License

For the DIY types or those with an in-house marketing team, we’re able to offer SharpSpring licenses at a huge discount over what’s available direct from their website. If you’re looking for a sales/marketing platform and CRM that can do it all (for less than 1/10th of what HubSpot would cost with the same features), we’d love to get you set up.

For more information about any of our MSP marketing services, don’t hesitate to call us at (626) 250-0950 or email!

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