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Why “High Impact” is Bad for MSP Marketing


It’s certainly a buzzword in the marketing community. “High-Impact marketing”, “impactful statements”, “making an impact on prospects”.

I’m sure you’ve heard it. But what does it really mean?

If you follow Resonance and its principles, you know that word choice is a critical part of communicating — especially in the marketing domain.

Impact is pretty straightforward. It conjures images of something being hit. Car accidents have impacts. So do boxing matches. You can also suffer from an impacted colon if you don’t drink enough water.

None of these things scream “marketing success” to me.

Of course, I’m taking it to the extreme. When someone is talking about “high-impact marketing”, they’re referring to it being striking. High-impact marketing is meant to slap the audience in the face.

This is why I’m not too fond of the concept of high-impact marketing in general. It’s not a comprehensive approach. In terms of how far marketing has come, it’s kind of barbaric.

It goes back to one of the gremlins of marketing that we strive to overcome through smarter thinking and better strategy: The crux of marketing is not awareness.

Marketing isn’t about slapping people in the face so that they have to notice your existence.

Marketing is about interfacing, not “in-your-facing”. You can slap someone silly with your brand identity, but it will have little bearing on their ultimate buying decisions if that’s all you’re doing.

Through the YSE Resonance Process — and it is a proven, reliable, repeatable process — we focus your marketing efforts on perfecting the interplay between buyer and seller.

It’s about understanding the numerous elements involved in your offering and target audience so that you’re free to do more than slap them in the face.

Since the precepts of resonance marketing revolve around knowledge and understanding, we naturally tend to avoid “blind aggression” in marketing. It’s really quite Zen.

You see, too many businesses try to beat their audience into submission with aggressive marketing. They want to land those “high-impact” punches as often and on as many people as possible.

Think about it, though… do you want to beat a door down with your fist, or would you rather take out the key and unlock it? Which takes less of your time and energy? Which is more effective?

Most would agree that simply opening the door is the far better option. Of course, getting the key is the hard part — but that’s why we’re here.

Our approach to strategic marketing helps you make the key so you can open the door to business growth and walk right on through.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be when you stop banging your fists against the door and start marketing.

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