What It Really Means to Leverage MSP Marketing for Growth

A lever is the simplest of machines, so why are MSPs having such a hard time leveraging their marketing into growth?

We’ll get to that in a second.

It’s almost 2021 and Your Sales Energy is going into the new year with a paradigm-shifting new directive: Disruption.

We want to drive change for the better. Create a huge net positive impact on the entire IT channel.

Sure, these are lofty goals. But we’re already getting traction with this new directive and we haven’t even started talking about it. (When you genuinely create positive change, people gravitate toward your business. It’s a natural attraction.)

What’s the big disruption? We’re making the idea of MSP marketing and sales enablement all about YOU, the MSP, not about tweaking what we do and how we do it around our agency’s financials. The focus is on providing what MSPs need, not selling them the latest tool to make a profit. Crazy, right?

To start with, we’re making tons of marketing content and giving it to you for free. We’ve already opened our Content Library to club members and we’re scaling up the pace in which we add new content for you to use in your MSP’s marketing efforts.

Not only are we providing great content for free, but we’re pioneering new ways to make that content available to you. Anyone can give you PDFs and PSDs, but what if you don’t own Photoshop or InDesign? What if you don’t want to hire a graphic designer? We’re providing the majority of our content through Canva, an online graphic design software that allows you to white label our free templates, customize colors, and change text quickly and easily. You can even publish the content right to social media through a built in content calendar.

Yes, this is all free from us. (If you want to use Canva’s premium features, it costs $12.95 a month, but we don’t sell that.)

We’re giving free workshops. Free creative sessions. FREE EVERYTHING. It’s our new model and — no surprise there — MSPs are already responding to it.


This is Really Free MSP Marketing, Not “Sample” Free

I know. You’re used to getting “free” offers from marketers and software companies. If you take the offer, it takes about five seconds to pivot into a sales pitch. That’s not what we’re building here with the MSP Growth Club. We’re building a community, not an upselling platform.

What we’re giving you for free, we plan on keeping free forever.

The “how” is really simple: Vendor sponsorships. Vendors already have MDF programs. Vendors want you to succeed. So we’re partnering with select vendors who care about YOUR business and giving them an opportunity to take part in this huge project.

And it’s going to shake things up. Think about it. We’re giving away marketing and sales enablement resources that other companies are charging you for. It’s going to make waves.
All because we were the first ones clever enough to say, “hey, why should the MSPs have to pay for everything?”

Go sign up and check it out. It’s free now, free forever. No credit cards, nothing. Your membership is free because of the vendor sponsors that, like us, want to see YOU succeed. Period.

Now back to levers. What does knowing about levers have to do with marketing?

leverage marketing“Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the earth.” – Archimedes


A lever is used to gain mechanical advantage. It’s how Archimedes proposed he could move the earth.

Advantage is the key word here.

So think about the marketers in the IT channel who say they’re going to help you “leverage marketing” …and then they have you do the exact same stuff every other MSP is doing.

There’s no leveraging there. There’s no advantage. You’re just trying to keep up with everyone else. Trying to maintain the status quo. You’re getting sold the status quo on a daily basis. They tell you: Do more, spend more money, spend more time, and the results will start to manifest. 

I’ve been in marketing all my life and I can tell you that this is only a half truth. If you’re doing things right — strategizing, researching, branding, developing your business around your brand — yes investment of time and resources is a factor. Those are the fundamentals, but most MSPs aren’t doing them.

They’re skipping right past the well-established fundamentals of marketing and grasping at “hacks” and “tricks”. Then they wonder why their marketing doesn’t produce results.

I’m not here to sell you MSP growth hacks or marketing tricks. I’ve never done that. I’ve always been an advocate for the fundamentals of marketing. The proven methodologies of behavior and decision-making that ring true time and time again. You don’t need hacks when you nail the basics.

And that is why we ditched the agency model. The typical marketing agency model only works at scale when you sell low-maintenance tools and “tricks” to a large volume of clients. It’s not easy to nail the fundamentals in that model, because things like branding, research, and product development take time. So the reason MSPs keep skipping the fundamentals of marketing isn’t because they don’t need them, it’s because the agencies can’t make money off of them.

You can only buy what you’re being sold. You don’t even know that you need these fundamentals if you’re not being properly informed by your marketing expert of choice.

The focus has been on all the wrong aspects of marketing for too long and I think MSPs are starting to wake up to that fact. You’re starting to see that there’s a difference between marketing as a product — the tools, the content, the emails, the blog posts — and marketing as a concept or a discipline — where you get the deeper strategies, product development, branding, research and the actual bits of marketing that you can leverage to win. The stuff that actually gives you an advantage.


Content Is Part of Marketing. It’s Not Marketing.

Not long after the term “content marketing” came about, people started to think both words meant the same thing. If you publish content, you’re marketing.

This isn’t even remotely true. Marketing is a structured, strategic appeal to the desired audience that has to check numerous boxes before it delivers the intended result. To say that sending out content is marketing is a blatant oversimplification of marketing that leads to a lot of wasted money and time.

Think of the Club content library as the first step in a very awesome journey. We’re freeing you from the burden of getting all that content you need so that you can focus on actually leveraging your marketing.

And that’s when phase two kicks in. We’re going to show you how to wield that lever. We love sales and marketing, and we can talk about it all day, so we’re going to make our training sessions and coaching available for free to members as well. We’ve spent years developing systems that make some of the most fundamental marketing concepts super, insanely accessible to any business of any size…and we’re excited to share them with you.

(Mythbusting: Advanced marketing isn’t just for big companies. The smaller your MSP is, the more you actually need the marketing advantage to compete!)


The Club is More Than Sales and Marketing

Being a member isn’t just about sales and marketing tools and resources. Vendors and veterans from throughout the channel are taking notice of what we’re building here. We’re going to be bringing in other contributing experts to help YOU grow your MSP without forcing you to open your wallet first.

First on the list: NinjaRMM’s Channel Chief Advisor Tom Watson who will be bringing his MSP operations expertise to the Club’s members, and 20+ year veteran SEO Daniel Motes who is going to help you whip your search marketing into shape.

Just the first of many seasoned experts from both inside and outside of the channel. Fresh ideas, new methods, innovation. We love it!


You’ve Probably Already Signed Up By Now


Yeah, it’s super easy to sell something that’s free, so I’d be surprised if you’ve read this far. If so, thanks for sticking around…now go sign up and check out what’s in the member’s only area.

And don’t forget to tell your favorite vendor about the MSP Growth Club. More sponsors mean more free resources for you and more sales for them. Everyone wins!

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