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Tools Don’t Make the Trade: Mindful MSP Marketing

Here’s something strange:

Quite a few established marketing companies are looking for outside consultants to help them develop strategic marketing plans for their clients.

These aren’t just companies growing beyond their current capacities. They have managed to build a client base. Yeah, I’m talking about marketing companies who don’t know how to provide strategic direction.

How does this happen?

It happens because a surprising number of professional marketers — and even marketing companies with dozens of employees — are leaning entirely on technology to do the work.

Technology can only take your marketing so far, and people are starting to realize it.

Of course, any kind of marketing is better than doing nothing at all, but blindly using reach-focused tools is a terrible path to results.

I know this from experience as well as years of observation and testing.

MSP Marketing is NOT One-Size-Fits-All

I’ve worked with MSP marketing professionals who approach the trade in a mechanical and homogenized fashion. They build their client a generic website, then that client would get the same SEO work, social media posts, emails, newsletters, and guidance as all the rest.

There was almost no attempt at differentiation, no unique offers, and no real marketing message. All of the effort was put into deploying technology rather than using it as a means to a greater end. 

The ultimate result was… lackluster. Website traffic would usually go up. Social media reach would gradually increase. But through it all, nothing actually got better for the client. (Like most people, they can’t pay their bills with Facebook ‘likes’.)

In fact, they had clients who reported that their marketing hadn’t produced a single lead in months.

This supposed professional still managed to secure a lengthy client list, which tells me that this level of poor performance has become an acceptable norm in the marketing industry.

Not cool, right? It’s a waste of the clients’ time and money, but it happens so often that marketing professionals are stuck dealing with a stigma created by the thousands of self-proclaimed experts who were trained by YouTube.

Don’t fall for their nonsense. I’ll tell you an amazing trick that will help you determine if someone is really a master in their field (this works for ANYTHING, not just marketing). You ready?

True experts talk about ideas, not things or people. 
If someone claims to be a marketing master, listen to what they talk about the most. If they’re constantly quoting an online guru or raving about how a tool or platform is going to solve all your problems, they’re probably not as qualified as they think they are.

Expertise breeds fresh ideas and new perspectives. Mediocrity leans on regurgitation and hopes that technology can do the rest.
Without Strategic Direction, Your Marketing is Just Noise.
When marketing an MSP, you must stand out. Because your industry is packed with seemingly-identical businesses, you have no other choice.
You cannot stand out without an effective marketing strategy in place.

You need a level of differentiation that can’t be achieved through a “one-hour strategy session” with a marketing company.

Any strategy that can be created in an hour is going to be painfully generic and probably won’t take into consideration your company in the least. Your ROI will suffer, guaranteed.

It’s crucial that you have a plan before you start taking action. Beware of any approach that doesn’t allocate due time and effort into building your marketing strategy!

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