The Marketing Secret: Escalation vs. Innovation



Some things take time.

Paint has to dry. Wine has to mature. Food has to digest.

But what about marketing? We’ve all heard the old maxim that “marketing takes time” to be effective. Maybe you’re one of the MSPs who is being told by your outsourced marketing professional that you just have to wait a little bit longer to start seeing a return on your investment. Maybe you’re following some methodology that’s likely to take months or years to pay off.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Patience is a virtue, but there are many cases where waiting isn’t the best tactical decision. I’m about to explain to you how to spot the difference between “waiting for your marketing to work” and “wasting a ton of money and getting nothing back”.

Escalation vs. Innovation

Time won’t make a bad strategy better. Time will only waste your resources and money while your competitors walk away with market share.

If your marketing doesn’t seem to be working, the problem isn’t always time. Usually this is the problem:

What you’re being told to do is not optimal for your current situation.

Look, no one is going to argue that content marketing, blog posts, email drip campaigns, and social media aren’t types of marketing. They certainly are, and they have a place. What I’m saying is that most MSPs we see trying to use these as tools for growth are not in a position to leverage them yet.

They’re skipping steps and applying the wrong strategies at the wrong time. Of course the results will suck!

Think of it like guerrilla warfare. When you’re outnumbered and outgunned, your opponent has a fantastic supply chain, and you’re scrapping for resources, you don’t pick up the same playbook that they’re using. It would be suicide to go toe-to-toe in a conventional war with a superior enemy.

But guess what you’re doing when you play into this game of content marketing, email blasts, newsletters, and all of this time-consuming stuff that isn’t getting you anywhere? That’s conventional marketing, and when you start going down that road, you’re going onto a very bloody, crowded battlefield.

As a smaller MSP, you don’t have the time, money and resources to go toe-to-toe with a bunch of competitors. You can’t outspend. You can’t even out-spam. Some MSP with a team of marketers and interns is going to beat you at the content marketing game every single time. You do more blog posts, they’ll do a podcast. You do a podcast, they’ll do videos.

That’s escalation. Escalation is a one-way ticket to spending more, working harder, and still gambling on the results.

So yeah, you can develop a content calendar and post stuff every week and maybe you’ll feel good about yourself…but when you’re small you can bet there are a dozen MSPs around you who can do more of that. There will always be someone above you who can do more.

What’s the answer then? Give up?

Not at all.

Shift your strategy to one that makes sense for your business. Don’t get into that stand-up fight against other, bigger competitors. Stop trying to escalate. Don’t play their game. Write your own rules and start playing a game that you can win.

You need to disrupt. I love disruption. Why? Because I like fighting on my terms.

So how do you disrupt? That is where actual marketing strategy comes in.

You see, content calendars and rote advice are marketing strategies, not strategic marketing. There’s a difference. If you’re not innovating and approaching the market in a way that allows you to play by different rules, then you’re not marketing strategically.

Stop Playing Games You Can’t Win

The idea that marketing takes time to work is not a lie, but it’s being used dishonestly by marketing hacks who want you to keep sending them checks. Here’s a stop-loss directive for you: if you’ve been investing in a marketing service for more than six months without seeing any kind of return — and I mean actual new business — dump it. 

If you feel like things are not going the way they should, do NOT let them skate by with “it takes time”. That alone is not a valid answer.

When the approach is wrong and the methodology of your marketing is broken, time is not going to help it. A bad strategy won’t magically start working in another month (or two or three).

Cut your losses and move on.

Can the MSP Growth Club Help You?

Forget busy work. Forget the so-called marketing hacks that require massive investments of time or money. Learn what works at your level and start doing it.

We’ve spent the last couple of years turning our successful methods into a teachable, workshoppable system so that the MSPs who need it the most — the smaller shops — can see the results for themselves.

This is not the type of marketing you’re used to. I didn’t spend my life learning this stuff so I could repeat other people’s work and do the same things over and over again.

It will be different. It will challenge you. And it will produce results if you follow along with what we show you.

In a few weeks we’ll be opening up the Earliest Adopter package where you can get lifetime access to our system, our team, and constantly-updating marketing materials for less than our full-time clients are paying us monthly.

No excuses! It’s time to play by new rules.

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