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The 5 Sales Habits of Highly-Successful MSPs

Why do some MSPs grow while others lag behind month after month?

Everyone’s looking for the secret formula to business growth, and MSP owners are not exempt from asking questions like:

“What could I be doing better?”

“Am I missing something that’s going to come back and haunt me?”

“I’m I getting the greatest possible return on my time and energy?”

No one likes being in a position where they’re stuck wondering these things. And such questions aren’t limited to MSPs who are struggling. Even thriving providers are looking for that elusive key to monumental success. (You can always climb higher, right?)

There’s rarely only a single aspect of a business that could use tweaking. Operations, marketing, human resources, customer service, accounting…the list of variables that you’re able to fiddle with goes on and on.

So where do you begin?

Simple. There’s one aspect of every MSP that holds the most power over their future: their sales organization.

The Winning Edge

We’ve learned a lot through years of working with MSPs of all sizes and growth trajectories. In doing so, we’ve seen one truth rise to the top:

Success comes down to your sales force. 

This applies regardless of the size of your MSP. That sales force could be fifty-strong, or it could be a sales organization of one: you.

Even as an MSP marketing company, we’ll be the first to tell you that sales trump lead generation. After all, if you can’t close the deals, all the leads in the world won’t help you grow.

The good news is that the YSE team is very familiar with the sales side of MSPs. Our own managing partner, Jamie Williams, spent over 20 years in that arena and developed sales strategies for highly-successful managed services providers like CharTec.

With her valuable input, we’ve put together the five most important sales habits that top-tier MSPs rely on for their impressive success.

Sales Habit #1: Persistence and Closing Skills

It’s a documented fact: most salespeople give up too soon. They should be prepared with several effective closing techniques that can be used in different scenarios. (read the article)

Sales Habit #2: Effective Prospecting and Qualifying

Time is the sales organization’s most precious resource. Are you wasting time pursuing prospects that aren’t going to buy?

Sales Habit #3: Asking the Right Questions

The right questions make it much easier to qualify and close your prospects.

Sales Habit #4: Providing High-Quality, Ongoing Sales Training

No shooting from the hip. Your team should be trained in a documented sales process.

Sales Habit #5: Positioning Yourself as a Consultant

Don’t railroad your prospects in hopes for a sale. Learn about their needs and sell to their ambitions.

The Sales Habits of Successful MSPs at Your Fingertips!

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We will be publishing articles about each one of these habits over the next month. Be sure to check the blog so you don’t miss out. (We will link the articles on this page as they are published, too.)

In the meantime, take some time to really evaluate your sales organization. Are the processes clearly defined, mapped out, and followed? Does every sales professional have KPIs and goals? Are your salespeople actively hunting for prospects, or are they behaving like account managers?

These questions are just the beginning when it comes to tuning your sales team into a high-performance machine — or when it comes to building your sales team for the first time.

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