Club Membership Terms & Conditions

Important Notice: Club content is not to be used, modified, or resold by any marketing agencies, consultants, or freelancers other than the original creator (Your Sales Energy). Use of this content by other marketing agencies or entities constitutes intellectual property theft and will result in immediate legal action. 


Marketing Materials

Club members will have access to an ever-growing library of MSP marketing assets designed by our experienced team. Such white-label assets will include (but are not limited to):

  • Email campaigns
  • Social media graphics/posts
  • Video clips
  • Flyers/one-sheets
  • Landing page templates/mockups
  • eBooks and infographics


Jamie Williams – 25+ years IT channel experience, sales enablement expert

J.P. Roe – 20+ years marketing and business development experience, 5+ years IT channel experience


Jason Rorie – 20+ years MSP ownership experience, cybersecurity expert (CSIE, MCSE, C|EH, CISM, CCSP, CISSP)

Tom Watson – Experienced MSP owner, operations and policies expert, channel advisor

Daniel Motes – 10+ years SEO specialist, search marketing expert

Gamification and Prizes

Our exclusive motivation and inspiration system is designed to keep club members active and engaged. Club members earn points through various activities and top scores are rewarded monthly with fun and valuable prizes.

Influencer Program

Club members can apply to our Influencer Program, where they can earn free services through referrals. Influencers are chosen based on their level of activity within the channel, peer groups, desire to sell, and other factors.

Discounted Services

Club members will have access to discounted pricing for several vendors in the IT space. The current list of vendors is closed to non-members at this time.

Members can expect sizable discounts from our direct partners, including marketing and sales enablement services, SEO, content writing, and MSP Overwatch™ subscriptions.

We are confident that as the membership grows, we will be able to negotiate many more valuable vendor discounts.

Live Events

Once the pandemic/travel situation resolves, the Club intends on hosting live events for networking and training. This information will be updated when the time comes.



All members must agree to these terms and conditions when putting their payment information on file. Accessing any members-only content or online locations constitutes agreement in full to these terms and conditions.

NDA/Non-Compete Clause

In order for the Club and its members to remain competitive in a rapidly-evolving market, we must take care to protect our intellectual property. Before becoming a member, you must affirm that you are not an agent of any marketing entity, a freelancer working for a marketing entity, or in any way affiliated with a sales enablement or marketing entity in the MSP channel.

You must also affirm that you will not provide Club login information to any such entity or agent thereof. Your login information, credentials, and information used to access members-only content is for you alone and should not be shared outside of your own company.

If at any time it is determined that login credentials are being shared, members-only content is being shared to non-members, or any information is being passed on to competitors of YSE, your access will be revoked and no refunds will be given.


While the Club uses an automated recurring payment system for all members, members can cancel their subscription at any time. To protect Club property from misuse, no refunds will be given on monthly or annual subscription payments once processed.

Prizes are subject to availability. In situations where advertised prizes cannot be provided, a “rain check” will be provided or the Club will attempt to tender a prize of equal or greater value.

Community Rules

Our community is meant to foster the business success of each and every member. All members should strive to get along and maintain a respectful level of cordiality. In the Club, we are meant to all work together for a common goal: business success!

Slack and event rules:

We respect the anonymity of any member who wishes to keep their identity to themselves (this could be for competitive reasons, etc.) so please do the same. Don’t try to “expose” anyone who doesn’t want to be identified.

  • Always try to provide constructive criticism.
  • No racism or hate speech.
  • Keep sensitive discussions (politics, religion, favorite K-Pop group arguments) to the off-topic channel.
  • Sharing ideas is highly encouraged. Our team is here to help, provide feedback, or red-team your ideas as needed.
  • You can promote vendors or even your own products, but please keep it to the vendor channel. (This rule is subject to change if people get carried away).
  • For the sake of simplicity, many of our contests run on the honor system. Please don’t cheat and ruin the fun.

All use prior to January 1st, 2021 is considered BETA ACCESS with limited functionality.


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