VAR & IT Channel Marketing

Please supply YSE with any of the below documents/files that you may have available.

Branding Guide(s): These typically contain details about the usage of logos, colors, fonts, and tone in your business' marketing. Company Logo Files: Please supply vector (*.ai, *.eps) files if possible.

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General Questions

Briefly describe your company's current direction on a strategic level.
Where are you going? What are you doing differently? How has this evolved from what your MSP has done in the past?
Describe your primary target audience.
Describe what you believe to be your IDEAL target audience.
Why should these clients work with you? What problems do you solve for them?
What is your unique selling proposition? What differentiates you from your competition?
What is the number one problem that you solve for your clients?
Why should your audience trust you and believe your claims?
The reason could be your expertise, your time in business, or something else:
What geographic areas do you serve? Are you looking to expand beyond your current area of operation?
Does your company use any taglines or slogans in your marketing?
Please check all that apply:

Website / Design Questions

When someone visits your website for the first time, what is the immediate impression you'd like it to convey?
Please answer in one word (i.e. "experienced", or "trustworthy")
What colors are important to your branding?
What is the typical first step in your sales process?
Do you open with free assessments, cybersecurity audits, etc?
What do you feel should be the most prominent call to action on your site?
What have you seen on other MSP's websites that you really like?
This could be design elements, wording, or anything else.
What have you seen on other MSP's websites that you DO NOT like?
This could be design elements, wording, or anything else.
How prominently (if at all) would you like yourself, your leadership team, or your staff featured on the site?
Would you be able to provide high-quality portaits of those who you want featured? ...

Services & Specialization

Which of these services/products do you provide?
List any additional services/products:
Indicate any areas of technical expertise:
List any additional specialties:
Do you have a PRIMARY or core offering?
Please describe it in detail. What does it include? Are there different levels of service?
Describe any other products or services that you consider vital to your business model:
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