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MSP Marketing: Are You Wasting Your Marketing Budget?

Marketing is an interesting subject, both academically and in practice. It’s a blend of some of the most complex concepts out there:  psychology, art, behavior, economics.

Marketing is always changing, because the world — and the people in it — are always changing.

It’s a science, but science is not always elegant. We test, we experiment, and we pursue wild theories. (Well, the creative marketers do.)

Our job is to push the envelope and break through the barriers that separate mediocre growth from massive success, so we enjoy getting creative with our methods.

Of course, we have failures just like anyone whose goals are set high. It’s expected. When we hit a snag we examine the data, adjust our hypothesis, make corrections, and move forward.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the norm in our industry. We constantly see MSPs feeding time and money into marketing strategies that simply aren’t working.

And it’s usually not the MSPs fault.

Doubling Down On Failed Ideas

More often than not, the MSP that’s throwing good money after bad is doing so under the advisement of a marketing professional.

It may be an in-house marketer, a freelance consultant, or an established MSP marketing company, but their uninspired guidance is typically the same:

“Just keep doing what we tell you and eventually it will work.”

The problem with that statement is that it’s only true if the marketing effort is adapting to its failures.

Poor use of social media will not suddenly start yielding results for no reason. Bland email newsletters will not magically transform from a waste of time to a boon of qualified leads.

If the formula doesn’t change, neither will the results.

These professionals often lack the agility needed to work dynamically, as marketing demands. Their only option is to keep doing what they’re doing and hope that it pans out. They double down on every idea, good or bad, because it’s too costly to change their game plan.

This problem grows exponentially as an MSP marketing or web design company becomes larger. More clients mean more employees are needed to handle them. Creative talent becomes marginalized as low-skilled laborers are brought in to feed more clients through the machine.

Before long, everything is done by the numbers with minimal training, much like a fast food franchise. Agility is lost, and asking them for a unique marketing strategy is like ordering a croque monsieur at Burger King.

Admittedly, marketing doesn’t scale well. But that’s our burden to bear — it should not be yours.

That’s why we’ve chosen to operate YSE the way we do. We keep our client list small, and we only bring in experienced marketing professionals who know the channel.

There’s such a thing as unfavorable growth. In the time it takes one oak tree to spread deep roots and rise above the surrounding bushes, a patch of mushrooms can spread to take over acres of muck.

Which is the more successful flora in that scenario? Personally, I’d rather be the oak tree.

Now For Something Completely Different

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my ruminations. Or you’ve skipped to this part (I don’t mind).

Either way, this is the part that can really have an effect on your business.

This is what we’re doing differently — the part that’s yielding actual results for our clients. I’m going to be a little bit vague to protect our process, but you can certainly call us if you want specifics.

  • We build you a new, better website. This is standard because no matter how good your current website is, it can always be improved. Building your site allows us to take full control of the SEO, content, CTAs, traffic flow, landing pages, and numerous other factors that are critical to the long-term strategy. This also allows us to add features like Live Chat, a lead generation opportunity that we include on every site.
  • We write unique content for you. Your blog will get unique posts that are both enjoyable to read and SEO-friendly. These are not outsourced to the lowest bidder, but written by a professional, published writer with over 15 years of experience.
  • We create your email campaigns. Again, written professionally. We also tie them in with your blog posts, landing pages, and other assets to create funnels that drive conversions. Everything works together to produce results. It’s an ecosystem.
  • We grow your email list. Your email campaigns are only as effective as your mailing list permits. Our team uses several “growth hacking” methods to manually build your email list and fill it with relevant contacts. Normally, we can add a few hundred verified contacts to your list each week.
  • We offer sales support. A lead is not a sale, so we gladly help out with getting you all the way to a signed contract. Of course, our availability is limited, but we always try to make time when it comes to closing the big deals.

As far as our rote process goes, that’s all there is to it. Our philosophy is not to do more stuff, but to do the right stuff better, and it pays off for our clients.

We also get the process rolling very quickly so that you can start seeing immediate results. (Last month we had a new client’s website launched within two weeks and several of his key search terms hit the first page of Google results two weeks after that).

We don’t spread ourselves thin and waste time and money on dead-end initiatives. We keep it simple, but we execute simplicity with skill and panache.

How it’s done makes all the difference.

Want to talk to us about getting more sales? Give us a call at (626) 250-0950 or email

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