MSP Growth Club vs. MSP Marketing Templates in a Box

marketing in a boxThere are a few options out there for MSP marketing templates and pre-made content. Sometimes it comes in a box, sometimes in a folder, or in an email. How is the content that you’re getting through our MSP Growth Club better, faster, and stronger?
Ask these questions when comparing marketing template services and you’ll see:

What’s the real value of the content you’re getting every time you pay?

Most of the template/content services out there are monthly, so figure out how much value you’re actually getting for that subscription. We make it very clear and spell it out in our terms and conditions: We guarantee the “street value” of the materials we provide to our Club members every month exceeds $1000.

That means for your $499/month subscription (even less if you pay annually) you’re guaranteed to get $1000 worth of marketing materials each month. That’s the minimum value of the monthly content drop, and doesn’t include any bonus content we put out during the month.

(And this is not an artificially inflated number. During beta development, our monthly content development budget was over $5000 and we fully intend on increasing that as more people sign up.)

How much access do I have to past content?

Our members have access to our asset library, which means they have full access to content from previous months. All the way back to the beginning. Some marketing in a box services send you materials every month, but they don’t give you access to past content, so keep that in mind when assessing their value.

Does the company selling you the templates help you use them?

One of the biggest perks of being a Club member is free training and unlimited access to our MSP expert team. Need to ask questions? Ask! Not sure how to best use your templates? We run regular workshops to help. We don’t just shove some content your way and expect you to move mountains…we help you succeed.

Is the content you’re getting specific to the IT industry?

Email campaigns, graphics, swipe files, videos — you can get anything in template form. Are your materials made for MSPs, though? Have they been created and tested by MSP sales and marketing experts?

A lot of the templates and guides out there are created for industries that are nothing like the IT channel. In fact, as soon as you see the term “digital marketing”, you can bet it leans towards e-commerce and affiliate sites, not B2B services. That’s just the nature of the game.

Your results will improve considerably when using marketing materials and techniques that are made for your type of business.

Do they want to stick you with a long-term contract?

We know our content speaks for itself, so we don’t need to trap anyone with a long-term contract. Our  membership might be a little higher than some other subscription services, but we provide a LOT more value than just marketing templates. Classes, guided exercises, consulting, prizes, discounted services, just to name a few things.

And if you don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth, you can cancel anytime. (We don’t think you will, but you could!)

Want to learn more? See how we stack up against several other popular options by checking out our comparison chart!

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