MSP Growth Club vs. Graphic Design Services

msp growth club vs 99 designsThe information age has made democratization of creative services insanely easy. A seemingly endless roster of freelance graphic designers, copywriters, video makers, and other content creators is only a click away.

Services like Graphic Rhythm and Design Pickle allow small business owners to “employ” a graphic designer or team of designers without having to take on the logistical and financial burden of actually taking on an additional full-time employee. These services typically operate on a credit-based or hourly system and almost always require that you use your monthly allotment of credits or hours each month so you don’t lose them.

Why is the MSP Growth Club the better choice?

There’s no doubt that these graphic design services are an awesome way for small businesses to get access to great talent. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t solve every problem that MSPs usually run into when trying to level up their marketing and sales.

First and foremost, graphic designers still need to be managed. While these services keep you from having to use Photoshop or Illustrator yourself, you still need to tell the designers what you want and give them direction. This means you need to really understand marketing and develop your brand or you’re likely to fall into that pitfall of throwing away time and money on marketing that’s executed without purpose or direction.

Another note: Read the fine print! Graphic Rhythm will give you 50 credits for $299 a month, but you can only request 2-4 designs each day. That means you’ll probably need to place orders and give direction every day of the month to use all of your credits.

You’ll also need to figure out how these designs fit into the bigger picture of your sales cycle. It’s not just about being able to make cool images — you need a strategy to drive everything forward.

Some of these services employ designers who have marketing experience, which can help, but the MSP Growth Club is solely dedicated to MSP sales and marketing. We know the industry. We know what MSPs are looking for. All of the graphics, videos, copy, and content you get through your Club membership have been purpose-built by a team of IT channel experts. No wasted time managing freelancers and no guesswork!

Want to see how the Club measures up to other options? Check out our MSP marketing comparison chart.

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