MSP Growth Club vs. Digital Marketer™ (or Similar Memberships)

digital marketer lab elite vs yseHave you considered getting a membership in LAB ELITE or a similar service? Take a look at how the MSP Growth Club compares before making your decision.

We actually like the content you can find on Digital Marketer’s website. Members of our team hold certifications from and we all felt the educational resources were useful enough to pay hundreds of dollars for. If you have the extra cash, it might not be a bad idea to try it out for yourself.

That said, we feel that the MSP Growth Club is a better solution for MSPs overall.

The first reason is pretty simple (and kind of obvious): Digital Marketer’s courses and content  are really designed to train…well…digital marketers. You can learn a lot of useful stuff from their courses, but a good chunk of their courses and content would have zero application for an MSP.

We built the Club for MSPs who don’t want to learn everything there is to know about sales and marketing, but would like to learn exactly the things they need to help their business. For people with limited time and who want quick results, it’s much better to skip the “complete education” and stick to the actionable stuff that works in your industry.

That said, we have one other hangup with DM in terms of value to MSPs. Their curriculum and strategies are very much skewed toward e-commerce and B2C. MSP sales and marketing doesn’t work the same way as marketing for affiliate sites or ecommerce stores that are selling clothing or makeup.

We make sure what we’re teaching Club members is applicable to the MSP space. Makes sense right? If you’re limited on time and resources it certainly does!

Want to learn more about how MSP Growth Club stacks up against other options? Check out our MSP marketing comparison chart.


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