Marketers Should Remember to “Pull, Don’t Push.”

There’s a lot of talk in the digital marketing world involving the word “push.” You push content. You have an email push. Websites can have push notifications.

It’s all quite pushy, right?

Against the most basic understanding of what people want, the current marketing world loves being pushy.

Being pushy works, so why not roll with it? Well, blind aggression has its downsides.

Pushiness has become an alternative to precision. When something isn’t going our way, our instinct is often to force our way through the problem. Instead of changing what we’re doing, we just keep doing what we know, but harder.

Your marketing isn’t producing results? Push more emails. Push more content. Push, push, push your way into more impressions. Too many marketers and businesses are relying on the numbers game trying to push their way in front of consumers because the odds are a certain percentage will convert.

Here’s how that approach translates to me:

“If no one cares about what you’re saying, say it louder.”

That’s the mindset, but it doesn’t track. Yes, you will reach more people by scaling up your aggressive “pushes”, but wouldn’t logic dictate that there’s more to be gained by talking about something people WANT to listen to?

It’s certainly the way to get better responses from real people. And…yeah…you’re trying to convert real people.

If you’re not seeing results from your marketing, it’s not because you’re not being pushy enough. It’s usually because you don’t have a solid strategy in place — a strategy that focuses on pulling people into engaging with you rather than pushing to get in their face.

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