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Improve Conversions by Focusing on Your MSP’s Sales Reps

You know you have to deliver a personalized, engaging experience to clients if you want to be competitive. The modern IT Channel demands it — as do customers who are more educated on your products and who have more choices than ever.

Maybe you’ve already put some thought into your customer experience, but if you’re like most MSPs you’re missing a crucial element: your sales reps.

Think about your front-line salespeople

You have to consider a lot of things when creating a great customer experience. In doing so, don’t forget to start at the very beginning. Your salespeople are likely to deliver the first impression of your company to prospects. They’re not only customer-facing, but the entire future of your revenue depends on their success.

This is why you should think of improving your sales department as more than just adding more transparency to the CRM, tracking KPIs, or blocking out better schedules. Sales enablement improves everything from lead generation to upselling — and one of the ways it does so is by giving serious consideration to the salespeople themselves.

What are their pain points? What is getting in the way of their success? Do they have everything they need to succeed? Are they being managed and trained properly?

These are the responsibilities of the business owner, not the salesperson, and they’re pretty important. Your salespeople represent your business, and you certainly don’t want them to be frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed.

Happy and productive salespeople will provide a better experience to your clients and prospects. In the Third Wave IT Channel, that’s exceedingly important to your overall success.

Here are some things to consider:

UX matters for your staff, too: If you’ve taken your marketing and sales properly, you’ve spent a lot of time working on the user experience from a consumer’s perspective. Take that same critical eye and point it toward your internal sales process. Making the sales process simple and and user-friendly for your own team can only help your sales. Less friction is less friction, regardless of where your removing it.

Simplify tools and processes: You’ve been selling IT services long enough to know this (tired) catchphrase: “We handle your technology so you can focus on your business.” That’s swell and all, but are you doing that for your own sales team? Make sure their tools and technology is streamlined and functional so they can focus on selling. The last thing you want is to slow down the people who are trying to increase your bottom line.

Focus on actionable insights: Data is nice, but people respond to usable information. Instead of throwing raw numbers around, give your sales team relevant insights that make sense in context. You or your sales manager should always provide recommendations on improving the important numbers rather than just reviewing them.

How Can I Use MSP Sales Enablement?

Understand your customers.¬†I say this a lot, but it bears repeating (especially when so many MSPs still aren’t paying attention). Your sales and marketing strategies begin with the consumers. Define them, align with them, segment them, and target them. The more information you generate during the planning stage, the easier it is for your salespeople to attract leads and close deals.

Make sure marketing supports sales: Sales and marketing must work together if you want to pull ahead. While marketing should lead the way in research, branding, and promotion, everything they do needs to be in service to the sales department. The more sales and marketing¬† can inform each others’ decisions, the greater your potential for success.

The IT Channel has evolved, but one thing remains the same: sales are king.

As brand ambassadors, your sales reps will always play an important role in your company — even as their role in respect to the consumer changes. They may be less of an educator and more of a guide at this point, but that’s not a bad thing. What’s important is making sure your salespeople are equipped with the tools, processes, and support to succeed.

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