How MSPs Can Get More Leads Fast

Marketing shouldn’t really be viewed as a sprint. If anything, it’s an endurance race that pits good strategy, long-term effort, and skillful execution against an ever-changing landscape and aggressive competitors.

But…what happens when you need leads now?

It’s unfortunate, but many people see a marketing agency as “business paramedics”. They wait until their company is flat on the floor before they call a professional to create new growth and get them back in the game.

In cases like these, time isn’t on our side. There’s no point helping them develop a diet and exercise plan when we should be strapping a defibrillator to their chest. The first priority is getting their marketing machine up and running — and producing leads for them ASAP.

You may have guessed that this is not the ideal way to approach your marketing, but the good news is that we do have a proven, reliable approach to handling it.

Our Rapid ROI Strategy has an immediate positive impact on the number of qualified leads you’re bringing in.

Using The Strategy to Generate Leads for Your MSP

If you want to skip this article and jump right into the strategy, we’ve made it available to anyone as a free download. Download your copy right here:

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This is not a magic bullet — those don’t exist in marketing. Rapid ROI is simply the smart application of proven tactics that can be executed relatively quickly. It’s not a comprehensive marketing strategy, but it is an incredible tool for producing results more quickly than most agencies are able to. From our experience in the industry, it’s actually fairly uncommon for other agencies to produce any qualified leads within the first 90 days, so we stand by this approach.

 Long story short, if you want fast leads in a B2B environment, you can’t start at the beginning of the sales cycle. In our industry, the buyer’s journey can take months — it’s a lot different than buying a tee shirt or a new phone.

To convert quickly, you have to identify, locate, and reach specific niche targets that are nearing the decision-making phase of the sales cycle. Grab them after they’re aware of their need, after they’ve done their shopping, and after all of the “awareness” work is done, and you have the opportunity to be the solution provider that showed up at just the right place and time, Deus Ex Machina style.

This is still a tricky strategy to execute.

It begins with a brainstorming session with our client that sometimes stretches into the two-hour mark. We cannot cut corners on identifying the target and the messaging. Drop the ball here, and everything else falls apart.

Once the planning is complete, the real work begins. One team begins building the landing pages, email automation, and lead scoring metrics in double-time while another researches and creates the rich content offer that’s at the heart of the Rapid ROI Strategy.

Typically, this process can be done in a week, and the qualified leads start arriving as soon as the first email batch is sent.

How are they qualified leads? Because we’ve carefully chosen an audience that will, in effect, qualify themselves by engaging with the Rapid ROI funnel. Your sales team will know who they are, their industry, and what problem they’ve been facing. The lead has already been warmed up by rich content that positions you as the absolute best answer their problem.

At that point, your organization gets a notification of a Hot Lead through our automated workflow, and your sales team can log into our portal, view the lifetime activity of that lead, and see exactly how they’ve been engaging with your brand.

This is a gold mine of marketing intel that your sales team can then use to approach the lead.

This entire process can take as a little as a month.

Sounds pretty good, right? We’ve found it works incredibly well for getting the marketing machine rolling right out of the gate, with the added benefit that this Rapid ROI funnel can be used indefinitely, continuing to target leads in that niche as we move on to new initiatives.

We’ve yet to see a better way to start a relationship with a new B2B client. Rapid ROI is nothing less than a tour de force.

If you’d like to learn more about Rapid ROI or any of the other great marketing strategies that our team has developed in our years of marketing in the MSP space, don’t hesitate to reach out or give us call!

“I have zero doubt that other marketers will take our Rapid ROI Strategy and use it, but we’re still transparent about how it works. Why? Because like everything in marketing, the real determining factor is in the execution. We welcome anyone to use this strategy, but we created it, we perfected it, and we know exactly how to make it produce the best results.”   – J.P. Roe, Marketing Director at YSE

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