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How Is Our MSP Marketing Agency Different?

We got some interesting feedback while talking with an MSP owner today, and I know the story will sound extremely familiar to any IT provider who has made a proposal to a prospect.

Long story short, the question was: “I see that your agency does a lot of things, but how is it different from any other marketing company that offers the same services?”

This is a fantastic question, and a question that anyone who has competition will be asked at some point. (I know you’ve encountered it!)

We had a few responses ready to go — after all, we’re intimately familiar with our own business and our values — but I wanted to take a moment to expand on those answers in the blog.

Why? Shameless self-promotion is certainly part of it, but I feel that the way we articulate our responses could be helpful when it comes time for you to explain what truly sets your MSP apart.

Marketing is Marketing…Or Is It?

MSPs and marketing agencies share an interesting challenge when it comes time to make the pitch. Much like you, our marketing agency offers a solution stack based around the services that are most in demand, most effective, and necessary for delivering results.

Seeing this list is admittedly uninspiring. Websites, SEO, email automation…it’s a very familiar list of services that people expect to see, but it doesn’t exactly get your heart racing.

This is what happens when you try to quantify something that’s far bigger than the sum of its parts and put it into writing. A common problem for MSPs, no?

The rote answer to this challenge is of course to build value. Easy enough to say, but execution is far more complex. Most businesses see the directive to “build value” and respond with canned answers that are just as uninspired.

What’s left?

Digging deeper provides the answers, as does relating your differences to the needs of your audience. At the heart of it, your goal is not really to appear different. Your goal is to come across as the superior match for your ideal client.

How do we do this? Breaking down your differentiators into relatable benefits is a start:

What Makes Your Sales Energy the Best Choice for MSP Marketing


Our leadership team brings distinct backgrounds to the table, which gives us a unique perspective on marketing from both inside and outside the MSP space.

Client Focus

We have a set upper limit on the number of clients we’ll manage at any given time. Our priority is delivering results and quality work, and we can’t do that if we’re spread too thin.


Marketing requires innovative approaches and creative design. We take pride in thinking beyond what’s already been done and cutting new paths through the marketing landscape.


The size and scope of our company allows to respond quickly to changes in the market and offer lightning-fast turnaround times to our clients.


By working within a framework of proven processes, we’re able to keep our operation lean and responsive. This also allows us to keep our prices affordable enough for any MSP.


Like any marketing agency, we use a wide range of tools and techniques for IT channel marketing. We focus on the use of highly-integrated tools that allow us to work efficiently and produce the most effective marketing workflows.


It all comes down to results. We use next-level strategic thinking and proven tactical execution to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for. We’re confident enough in our abilities that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our work.

What Makes Your MSP Different? What Makes It Better?

The key is to make sure you’re highlighting benefits that your clients will appreciate. This often comes down to how you word the statement. For instance, if you have set processes that dictate your workflow like we do, then make sure your prospect is aware of how that will impact them. Will your response times be shorter? Less downtime? More reliable reporting?

They have to care about the difference for it to have any value in your marketing.


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