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Five Tips for Finding Top MSP Salespeople

To make it big in the IT Channel these days, you’ve got to have a kick-ass sales team. The trick to building such a sales team is to hire exceptional salespeople.

Easier said than done, right? We hear it from MSPs like yours all the time…

“We just can’t seem to find the right person.”
“I don’t have time to sort through all of these candidates.”

or perhaps the worst:

“Every time we find a great salesperson, they leave after a few months!”

Hiring salespeople can be quite a challenge — especially when it can take months to really figure out how well they integrate into your team!

Have no fear! Finding great MSP salespeople is not impossible, and we’d be happy to help you out. Get started with these five tips for finding the best MSP sales person!

1. They Engender Trust from the Very Beginning

A great salesperson knows how important trust is to their profession. Buyers will not commit to a sale if they don’t trust your company, and by extension, your people. A great salesperson should be trustworthy and show it through their demeanor and actions — the old sleazy, back-slapping salesman of yesteryear isn’t long for this world.

If you don’t feel like you can trust the person, then don’t expect your customers to. You may have to go with your gut a bit on this one, as sussing out someone’s “trustworthy aura” is not exactly a science. (Our screening involves multiple interviews and interviewers to make sure gut feelings don’t overwhelm reason.)

2. They are Good Listeners Who Know How to Handle Rejection

FACT: Good salespeople are good listeners.

This is simple. Customers want to do business with people they like, and customers like when you listen to them and genuinely care about them. To that end, a great salesperson won’t monopolize the conversation. get pushy, or come across as overbearing.

A good sense of humor is always an asset when it comes to customer-facing professions (likability, for one).

A great MSP salesperson must know how to handle rejection. They can’t take it personally, and they should understand that “no” is not a rejection of them, but a signal that “this product doesn’t fit our needs” or “I don’t have budget,” or “now is not the time for purchase,”—or any other number of reasons that are out of their control. The best salesperson focuses their attention on the most promising opportunities while keeping in mind that they won’t win every one.

They Care about the Customers (and Your Business)

The best salespeople know what’s important and focus accordingly: the customer’s needs, wants, and values. They want to win the sale, but they realize that doing so means connecting the right customer with the right solution. Sometimes this means going the extra mile to find prospects outside of your sales pipeline whose needs might better fit the product. Sometimes it means working with you to change the nature of your offering to better fit the audience. There are lots of ways it can manifest, but a genuine concern for the customers’ needs is an important trait.

Likewise, it’s important that your salespeople — and everyone else on your staff — care about your business. A sense of ownership and pride helps ensure quality work and makes it much easier for the sales team to close deals.

They Are Competitive

Good salespeople are competitive by nature. Specifically, we’ve noticed that the best MSP salespeople are very competitive against themselves. They are extremely motivated when it comes to beating their goals and surpass their own records. Of course, great salespeople are usually externally competitive as well — ready and willing to earn salesperson of the month or best the rest of the sales team in a friendly contest.

In your interviews, ask candidates about a time when they competed against others. It can be a sport, a contest, a project in college — anything, really. The important thing is to ask for details to see how engaged the candidate is with their answers. Do they seem passionate about the challenge? Do they get excited when they talk about winning? Do they look affected when they talk about losing?

If they don’t seem to care one way or the other about their past challenges, victories, and losses, they may not be competitive enough to make an ace salesperson.

They Seek Out the Winner’s Circle

There’s a reason why sales floors often have a bell to ring when someone has closed a deal: salespeople like to have their victories acknowledged. You want hustle? Look for salespeople who always seem to be measuring themselves against their KPIs. They want you to recognize their success, and will expect you to structure their salary with a fair share based on performance, with even more recognition for sales above and beyond their goal. If you want to keep a good salesperson, you’ll need to recognize and reward them when they deliver outstanding performance.

Hiring an MSP Sales Person

You’re not alone if you’re dreading the idea of hiring a new salesperson. But if you want to scale up, stay competitive, and take some of that work off of your plate, you’ve got to start building a winning sales team!

That’s why the most popular part of our sales enablement offering — the thing that makes every MSP stop and say “YES…DO THIS FOR ME” — is the part where we locate, interview, and even train exceptional sales people for you. 

Yup. For you, it’s a hands-off process for up to 90 days that results in a top-shelf salesperson earning new business for your MSP.  Want to learn more about how we do it? Schedule a quick call with us and we’ll show you!

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