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7 MSP Growth Hacks You Can Start Using Today

Looking to grow your MSP quickly, using the tried-and-true methods of the pros? Awesome! That’s exactly why we’re here.

We’ve put together this list of quick MSP growth hacks that you can start using immediately to get your managed services marketing to the next level. (These tips are based on the same IT channel marketing strategies that we use with our own clients.)

Let’s get started.


1. Realize that money can’t solve all of your marketing problems.


Marketing seems like one of those things you can handle by throwing money at it, but it’s most definitely not. We’ve heard plenty of first-hand accounts of MSPs spending tens of thousands of dollars on ads or marketing agencies and getting nothing in return.

When it comes to your marketing, quality beats quantity — and trying to outspend your competition to win the marketing game is a dead-end road unless you have a bottomless budget.

Strategy beats spending, period.


2. Use segmentation and niche marketing the right way.


This may go against everything you’ve learned about marketing, but narrowing your audience isn’t a marketing strategy.

Not by itself, anyway. Throughout the channel you see MSPs “targeting” verticals, thinking that they’re niching down by doing so. In most cases, they’re not. They’re just saying the names of a few informal segments like “healthcare” and “finance” and hoping it does something.

Just narrowing your focus is the first step, but if you stop there, you’ve missed the point. The real value in segmenting and targeting comes from developing products and messaging for each of those segments.


3. If you want fast results, you have to change your strategy.


We’ve heard this many times:

“We’re desperate for new leads, so we want to improve our SEO and ramp up our email marketing.”

And we have no qualms with telling the person who says this that it’s a really bad idea. If you’re in a hurry for more leads, why would you choose to invest time and money into marketing methods that generally take months to pay off?

The truth is, most forms of marketing that agencies can offer you take time to execute and produce a return. That’s precisely why successful business owners think of marketing as an integral part of their business, not something you do when you’re desperate — it’s not a quick fix.

That doesn’t mean you can’t drum up new business quickly. We do it all the time. When a client asks us to get them qualified leads fast, we focus on aggressive lead acquisition and sales, not marketing. It’s the only surefire way to get that quick turnaround.


4. Make sure sales and marketing are working together.


This ties in with the previous point. Marketing should serve sales, not the other way around. Why? Your business exists to sign contracts, not produced leads, so why would you make sales subservient to marketing?

YSE puts a heavy focus on sales enablement for a reason. It works.


5. Know your audience.


If your marketing isn’t working, you’re probably not “speaking the right language” for your audience. And you can’t resonate with an audience without really knowing them.

Make sure your sales and marketing team fully understand the minds of the people you’re trying to sell. Sales is always a human endeavor, after all.


6. Test, test, test.


You can’t really know what’s going to work and what’s not unless you test it. Split testing is the backbone of marketing. Split test your email content, your subject lines, your landing pages — everything!

At YSE, we do everything twice for testing. Two versions of emails, two versions of landing pages, etc. The insight this gives us toward consumer engagement is invaluable.


7. Don’t overestimate your marketing knowledge.


In most cases when it comes to marketing, business owners don’t know what they don’t know.

Marketing is both an art and a science. It’s a challenge to bring together practicality and creativity the way we do in our business.

Despite my own background in design, years of specialized training, and my academic achievements, marketing still offers its challenges. Why? Because once you scrape past the basic stuff on the surface — trivial things like SEO and email sequences that anyone with a pulse can “master” in a few days — there’s a lot going on. It’s not “plug-and-play”. Marketing is a constantly-running science experiment and mental exercise that demands a combination of hard knowledge and elastic thinking. And if you don’t understand the science — or the artistry — of marketing, things like SEO and emails won’t do you much good.

Don’t believe me? Look at how many people lament about how “marketing doesn’t work!” Well, shoes don’t work either — if you wear them on your head.

There’s no shame in saying “I need help with marketing.” The myth that every MSP owner needs to be their own marketing expert is ridiculous.


Want to learn more growth hacks for your MSP? We’re a different kind of agency that merges MSP sales and marketing management to get amazing results. Reach out to us today and we’ll get you started, no charge, on our first call.

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