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msp sales training

We start with a comprehensive evaluation of your current growth efforts. Our team will work with you to map out your sales process and lead generation so we can identify key strengths and weaknesses.

This information is used to create your MSP Growth Playbook, yours to keep whether you decide to work with us or not!


When you choose to work with our sales and marketing experts, we begin by expanding on your MSP Growth Playbook to create a comprehensive 12-month strategy.

Your strategy will clearly show you how our proven high-growth framework will drive new business and generate incremental revenue.


We’ll help your in-house sales and marketing teams execute your strategy and maximize your growth potential.

Don’t have these internal resources? We can serve as your sales and/or marketing team long-term and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your day-to-day operations.

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  • “It would have taken months and who knows how much money to create something as thorough as the Ultimate Sales Playbook from scratch. YSE had our sales team running strong in a matter of weeks.”

    msp sales coaching
    Brad Chambers
    Halcyon Tech
  • “Both Jamie and J.P. at Your Sales Energy are first rate marketing experts. Their years of experience and knowledge of the IT Channel make them the go-to source if you are looking to grow your business through marketing efforts. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Your Sales Energy and they are my first choice when it comes to IT related marketing.”

    Tom Watson
  • “My favorite part? No empty promises. Just give them a call…you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

    msp growth coach
    Allen Savage

100% Money-Back
ROI Guarantee.

Your investment in our services is completely risk-free.

If we don’t generate enough new business for you to cover the cost of hiring us, we’ll cut you a check for the difference. Plain and simple.

Who else has the confidence and proven system to back up this kind of claim?

No one.

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msp sales training

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The Ultimate MSP Sales Playbook

All the documentation you need to create an award-winning sales organization.

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Training Workshops

Work directly with our experts to enhance your MSP’s growth trajectory.

MSPhD: Our Exclusive Online Training Platform

Ongoing training for you and your staff — accessible anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where many marketing companies will rush into "doing the marketing", we focus on developing effective strategic foundations. Our purpose is creating amazing marketing that works, not simply working for the sake of looking busy.

First and foremost, we devote an appropriate amount of time to the strategic development process. It's impossible to create a true marketing strategy over the course of a few phone calls (much less in 30 minutes or an hour). Marketing is more than promotion; it's the framework upon which your entire business is built, and as such, it deserves mindful planning.

We work with a broad spectrum of MSPs and technology companies. It's important to us that we team up with growth-oriented companies who are ready to take their marketing in a more professional direction.

We do not! All work for fully-managed clients is done in-house by professionals who are experienced in the IT channel. We are a 100% US-based operation.

Your Sales Energy is 100% Channel-focused. If you would like, we can recommend several great agencies who work with other types of businesses.

Based on the overall strategy that we develop, our Rapid ROI Strategy allows us to take immediate action with new clients to get leads rolling in quickly. These methods typically produce a considerable number of qualified leads within 60-90 days.